What to do when your Honda radio is asking for a 4-digit radio code instead of a 5-digit radio code

Why does your Honda require a 4-digit radio code instead of a 5-digit radio code?

Some Honda vehicles may require a 4-digit radio code instead of the usual 5-digit code when the radio is disconnected from its power source. This can happen if the battery has been disconnected or replaced, or if the car fuse has blown out.

If your radio is asking for 4 digits, it's commonly because it's not actually your radio that's locked, but instead your Honda's navigation system.  In order to unlock your navigation system, you will need to enter a four-digit code in the main menu of your Honda's infotainment unit.

How do I get my 4-digit radio code?

Step 1. Find the navigation serial number (different to your radio serial number)

Does your model of Honda radio have these three buttons “MAP/GUIDE”, “MENU” and “CANCEL”? If so, press all three simultaneously for 3 seconds.


This will bring up your Honda’s Diagnosis System. From this screen, select "Unit Check".


Next, select "Navi ECU".


Your navigation serial number will be on the display. Ignore the 3 letters and write down the 8 numbers.


Step 2. Enter the navigation serial number into Unlock Car Stereo

If you haven't used Unlock Car Stereo before

  1. Head to unlockcarstereo.com/honda and enter your navigation serial number, VIN, and Honda model into the form at the top of the page.
  2. Click "Get Unlock Code"
  3. Complete the payment process. Codes start from $9.99 and will be sent in just 10 minutes!

If you have used Unlock Car Stereo before

  1. Reply to your original order confirmation email with the navigation code. We'll happily send you the 4-digit code to unlock your Honda navigation, 100% free.

Step 3. Enter the 4-digit code to unlock your Honda navigation

Once you have your 4-digit code, press "Return" until you get back to the main screen.


Enter your 4-digit code and press "Done".

Congratulations! Your Honda navigation is unlocked.

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